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  • Suitable modem to use with new Apple Airport Extreme?

    Hi,   Can anyone recommend a suitable modem to use with a new Apple Airport Extreme, i'm currently using an old Netgear DG843GT, but it has been acting up for the last few months, and i'm tired of jumping through hoops to get it working ok.   I will be using it with a couple of Macs, iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.   I've done ...
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by Julie on September 18, 2013
  • Draytek 2820 & Vigor 120 Setup

    Hi, Looking for some assistance with hardware configuration. We currently use a Draytek 2820 which uses Demon for WAN1. We recently purchased a second ADSL line with ZEN and have a Draytek Vigor 120 connected to WAN2 port. The Vigor 120 is connected and shows the ADSL line is active (SHOWTIME) but we are struggling with configuring the ...
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by Diamond on April 8, 2013
  • Fibre regrade - Draytek 2750 / 2850 / 2920 router question

    At the risk of looking as thick as the proverbial... I'm about to purchase a fibre router for when my regrade takes place and I think I've got my head around what's what... but I'd rather check in here before shelling out the dosh. So a week or two... in comes a BT engineer, puts a new faceplate on the wall and installs the BT ...
    Posted to Broadband (Forum) by Onscreen on June 6, 2012
  • Re: Which router should I buy?

    Chris, if you have bought the router I would be very interested in hearing your experience. I can suggest two to avoid;  A Netgear DGN3500v2 (who names these things?) which was intent in driving my BRAS profile through the floor and then started dropping wireless connections. After that experience research said Draytek or Billion. The ...
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by tooslow on August 24, 2011
  • Which router should I buy?

    Currently, I have a Netgear DGN3500 ADSL router. Although not very old, it suffers from random, but persistent, line drops, and also now it will frequently disconnect the ethernet (cabled) connections without warning. This also seems to happen when I try to do any significant activity on my new Synology NAS box. I am therefore thinking about a ...
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by Chris Jones on August 18, 2011
  • BRAS profile changed on the 12th day of each month?

    Hi, I wanted to share with you all a strange ''phenomenon'' we are experiencing with our broadband speeds.  Over the last few months, on the 12th day of the month, my BRAS setting is showing as changed, and has dropped me down from a so-so 3 M bit rural speed down to snail speed 135K. This has happened with some regularity and Zen have ...
    Posted to Broadband (Forum) by telboy on March 14, 2011
  • I think my broadband / line has a problem

    Hi All, I think my broadband has a problem.  When the link disconnects it usually comes back at a slower speed (regardless of time of day) and also I am seeing lots of CRC errors (several hundred per day) on the link. With regards to these problems, I raised a case with Zen back at the end of October and after some diagnostics which ...
    Posted to Broadband (Forum) by soreilly on November 28, 2010
  • Re: Time for a new router

    I've just picked up the voice version of this: Draytek-2710n  So far, ADSL and wireless performance is excellent. A couple of minor issues on the voip aspects. Some nice features including vlan support, SSH access. A bit of a shame that Draytek lowered the spec of this model for the UK (VPN is site to site not road warrior). ...
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by dannyboy1121 on January 10, 2010
  • Re: Draytek Vigor 2710Vn - before I buy

    Too late .. I've just purchased one. I'm still keen to hear how people get on with Draytek equipment in general. My last unit was a V2600 prior to ADSL max .. that seems like an age away now (I've had two kids since then).  
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by dannyboy1121 on December 27, 2009
  • Draytek Vigor 2710Vn - before I buy

    I'm considering getting a Draytek Vigor 2710Vn to replace about 4 other units providing ADSL, VOIP, Wireless and switching functionality in my home network. What I don't want to do is spend my money only to find out that there are 'issues'  Is anyone aware of any known problems with Drayteks and current / emerging implementations of ...
    Posted to Broadband Hardware (Forum) by dannyboy1121 on December 26, 2009
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